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Copper Fabrication

Used for an entire roof, copper is a lightweight, durable, and energy efficient option. With adequate maintenance, a copper roof should last at least 50 years, likely much longer. If the price tag of an entire copper roof is too hefty, copper can also be used as an accent.

Copper is a natural fungicide and algaecide, which will keep moss from growing around the roof when used for gutters. Copper flashing can be used in a variety of ways: at roof edges; where roof and wall meet; around chimneys; around roof vents; at edges of porch and doorway roofs and overhangs; and around bases and edges of dormers. Flashing is an important component of your overall roof health - good quality and properly installed flashing reinforces potentially weak points, like joints, from damage or wear from age.

The team at Three Rivers Roofing & Waterproofing are seasoned coppersmiths. When it comes to pricier materials, We Do It Right. The First Time.

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